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Data processing system which suggests a pattern of medical tests to reduce the number of tests necessary to confirm or deny a diagnosis

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4731725.

A data processing system for use in a total medical image diagnosis comprising a central processing unit, a first memory connected to the central processing unit for storing a plurality of types of fundamental data used for constructing a decision tree, a second memory connected to the central processing unit for storing various programs for constructing the decision tree, first data input system for inputting the fundamental data and the programs stored in the first and second memories into the central processing unit, circuitry for storing output data from the central processing unit and converting the output data into a bright signal for a display medical image, displaying for displaying a medical image corresponding to the bright signal from the storing and converting circuitry, a light pen connected to the central processing unit and operated by an operator for inputting a portion of the fundamental data displayed on the displaying means into the central processing unit as selected by the operator to construct a decision tree to perform a diagnosis, and a third memory connected to the central processing unit for storing the decision tree constructed with the selected fundamental data according to the program put in the central processing unit.

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