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Shippable, sheet like fabric useful in making mop heads

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4717616.

There is disclosed a mop head sheet-like fabric formed of a plurality of folded and twisted cords on each side of the midline of the fabric which are in side-by-side abutting relation to one another and have looped ends, the cords being bound together by a tape on each side of the midline adjacent to and inward of the looped ends, wherein the tapes have been perforated through with a patterning of needle holes; the fabric may be in a continuous form such as is sheeting and of a prescribed width, being that of approximately twice the length of the constituent cords. The fabric is easily handleable as is sheeting. Further disclosed is a continuous process for forming the present fabric, employing porcupine rollers to control the twisting of the cords and their side-by-side orientation, as well as their taping. Yet further disclosed is an apparatus for carrying out the process employing the aforesaid porcupine rollers.

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