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Apparatus for shrink-wrapping articles with handles

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4716707.

An apparatus for the application of strips of material to a heat-shrinkable web of wrapping in packaging machines with a tunnel furnace for the formation of the handle of the wrapped products. The apparatus has a wheel assembly supported to rotate about a horizontal axis with the wheel substantially tangential to a substantially horizontal section of the heat-shrinkable material strip, a feeder for the supply of a tape of adhesive material to the periphery of the wheel with the adhesive surface facing outwardly, a container for the supply, in spaced succession, of strips of material to the adhesive surface of the tape of adhesive material, a cutter for cutting the adhesive tape between two successive strips along the path of the wheel and a pressure roller which may be radially displaced with respect to the wheel to apply, by adhesion, the adhesive end areas of the sections of adhesive tape having a corresponding strip applied to them to the strip of heat-shrinkable material.

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