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Process for the removal of skins from tomatoes using thermophysical methods

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4707372.

The invention relates to a process and plant for skinning tomatoes using thermophysical methods. The process consists substantially in scalding the tomatoes in a pressurized environment, then inducing sudden depressurization of the tomatoes by bringing them into contact with tomato juice supplied at a lower temperature, whereupon the skinned tomatoes are separated from the juice. The skinned tomatoes proceed to the next stage of the process, and the juice is conveyed likewise to a further processing step, say, concentration. Plant for implementation of the process comprises a pressure vessel (2) into which tomatoes are conveyed, and from which they exit by way of an outlet valve (3); also, a pump (4) which forces condensation-inducing tomato juice into the outlet valve, and plumbing downstream of the valve which permits of conveying the juice to other processing media.

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