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Thin-film evaporators

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4707220.

A thin film evaporator consists of an enclosure defining a vapor space, a level drive shaft running into the enclosure and a rotor fixed to the shaft and having an axis of rotation disposed horizontally when in operative position, the rotor being made up of spaced coaxial conical evaporator elements, whose evaporation space communicates with the vapor space. The feed to be evaporated is supplied at one end of the rotor at the inner circumference of one or more conical evaporator elements thereof. Such evaporator elements are placed together in pairs so that they taper outwards with the evaporating faces thereof facing each other, so as to form a collection trough at their outer edges for the concentrate. The feed spreads out in the form of a film from the inner edge or edges for the elements and is taken up in the respective collection trough as a preconcentrate. Such preconcentrate is then taken up by a respective scoop tube at the top of the collection trough and flows down under gravity to one or more adjacently placed evaporator elements of a second evaporator stage and is finally removed as the final concentrate at the other end of the rotor.

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