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Serial printer including a laterally reciprocable recording head, paper bail control, paper detection and feeding means, a multicolor ink ribbon including a head cleaning zone, a ribbon casset

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #4707159.

A printer for performing recording successively while a recording head moves backwards and forwards in a predetermined direction with respect to a recording medium such as paper. A paper hold roller for pressing the recording medium against a platen in the vicinity of a recording area opposite to a print head is detachable from the platen in relation to the movement of a carriage for carrying the recording head. The presence and absence of paper is detected to control the paper feed. An ink ribbon is provided which has color zones and an ink absorption zone in the direction of the ribbon width for multi-color printing by shifting the ribbon in the width direction by means of the carriage movement so that a selected color zone faces the recording head. The printer further includes a ribbon cassette, means for controlling paper insertion and feeding and means for cleaning the recording head. Also included are a paper bail control, color zone selector and paper detector.

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