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Moisture-activated floatation device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4705050.

A moisture-activated floatation device. In a first embodiment, a compound that evolves a gaseous fluid when wet is confined between two layers of sheet material capable of supporting a predetermined amount of weight when wet. The sheet material is hydrophilic and is specifically configured and dimensioned to fit into a water-flushed toilet bowl so that when the device is introduced into the bowl the water therein will activate the compound. The sheet material, when wet, is substantially impervious to the evolved gas so that such gas remains within the confines thereof and serves to provide buoyancy thereto. Feces deposited on the device will not sink but will be supported by the device until collected for testing. In a second embodiment, a gas-evolving compound is applied to one side of a single sheet of sheet material.

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