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Method and apparatus for monitoring break of ion adsorption apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4704245.

Ability of ion adsorption apparatus such as a desalting unit, etc. as used in an atomic power plant is continuously monitored, and any deterioration in the ability is detected in advance by a method and an apparatus for monitoring a break in an ion adsorption apparatus by detecting a break point of the ion adsorption apparatus using ion exchange resin, thereby determining a timing for regenerating or exchanging the resin, which comprises making an ion species having a weaker selective adsortability to the ion exchange resin as a sampling ion species than that of a target ion species to be adsorbed and present in water to be treated, and detecting leakage of the sampling ion species at the downstream side of the adsorption apparatus, thereby determining the break point of the ion exchange resin.

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