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Method for producing connecting elements for electrically joining microelectronic components

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4703559.

Method for producing a plurality of deformable connecting elements for electrically joining microelectronic components. The method includes irradiating with high energy radiation portions of a plate-like member composed of material having a material characteristic which is changed by such high energy radiation, each portion having dimensions corresponding to those of a connecting element; utilizing the changed material characteristic of the material of the irradiated portions to remove such material from the irradiated portions to produce a plate-like mold containing a plurality of mold structures each defining a shape corresponding to a connecting element at a given location of said member, each such mold structure having lateral dimensions and a height dimension which is a multiple of the smallest lateral dimension; filling the mold structures with metal by electroplating the metal into such mold structures to produce metallic connecting elements; fixing the connecting elements to a microelectronic component; and removing the plate-like mold.

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