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Multiple configuration model aircraft

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4698041.

A model aircraft kit which enables the purchaser to assemble a variety of model aircraft configurations and planforms, uses a relatively small number of components. The components of the model aircraft kit comprise at least one of several possible variations of fuselages, a wing panel or panels, and a number of stabilizing and control surfaces which may include conventional or diagonally hinged control surfaces. Releasable connectors which may include a pair of releasable wing tip appendage connectors, are used to join the components thereby providing a wide variety of planforms and configurations. At least one of the fuselages is capable of being separated into subparts one of which becoming a short fuselage being capable of accommodating some or all of the remaining components of the model aircraft kit. Several individually unique model aircraft are assembled using a pair of wing tip appendage connectors with respecting stabilizing surfaces, independent of other multiple configuration features of the aircraft kit.

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