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Hand powered tricycle having a wheelchair hitch

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #4695071.

A hand operated cycle apparatus including a cycle frame having a pair of spaced apart rear wheels rotatably attached along the horizontal axis to the rear of the cycle frame. A yoke is pivotally attached to the front of the cycle frame and a front wheel is rotatably attached to the yoke. A drive mechanism is provided for rotating the front wheel and pedals are attached to an upper portion of the yoke and to the drive apparatus for selectively turning the drive apparatus by hand. A seat is attached to a rear portion of the cycle frame. Brakes are operably attached to the cycle frame for selectively holding both of the rear wheels from rotating with respect to the frame. A footrest is provided for supporting the feet of the cycle user. A wheelchair hitch is connected to the rear of the cycle frame and has an elongated rod extending transverse to the direction of forward movement of the cycle frame and has a pair of spaced locking members thereon so that a wheelchair having foot supports on the front thereof can be easily towed from place to place without the fear of it coming loose, while at the same time being easily attached to or detached from the hitch.

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