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Device for the selective injection of an oxidizing gas or a carrier gas with or without carbonaceous material to a liquid metal bath

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #4693274.

This invention relates to a device used in the selection between two fluids that are to be injected into a liquid metal contained in a metallurgical converter: an oxidizing gas and another gas conveying powdered carbonaceous material; both fluids arrive through different conduits to a selecting valve located at the bottom of a metallurgical converter just before a single conduit tuyere for leading one of the fluids to the liquid metal by means of the selective mechanism in such valve. The valve design and operation avoids the possibility of mixing the oxidizing gas with the carbonaceous powder in any part of their path up to the metal bath by providing separate passages for each fluid and one inert gas purge passageway between said passages, and further including a safety mechanism which provides control means for the fluid to be correctly injected by avoiding the transport of the oxidizing gas or the carbonaceous material if the corresponding movable passage within the valve body is not correctly and precisely positioned.

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