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Apparatus for correcting a time base error and for compensating dropouts included in a reproduced video signal

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4680658.

An apparatus for correcting time base errors and for compensating for dropouts in a reproduced video signal includes a single random access memory for storing digital video data, a correct video data producing circuit connected to the memory for producing correct video data from data read out from the memory, a switching circuit controlled by a dropout detecting pulse for supplying either the digital video data or the correct video data to the memory and a control circuit for controlling read and write address operations of the memory. The read and write address operations include the generation of a write address signal indicating a write address at which an output signal of the switching circuit is written upon generation of the write address signal, a first read address signal asynchronous with the write address signal indicating a read address from which data is read out without time base errors and a second read address signal generated previous to the generation of the write address signal indicating an address differing from the write address by a predetermined distance so that data read out from the memory is supplied back to the memory for compensating for dropout errors. The timing and address differences of the three address signals enable the single memory to be used in place of two separate memories.

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