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Self-tripping rippers

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4679635.

A ground ripping attachment for pivotal connection to the drawbar of a winch, and liftable by cable on a towing vehicle to clear the ground, or releasable so as to be free of the tractor save for its drawbar connection. The attachment has a main frame which at its forward portion is pivotally connected to the drawbar, and has ground ripping means rearwardly of such pivotal connection. The ground ripping means is carried by one or more subframes which are pivotally mounted on the main frame for pivotal movement about horizontal axes. An accumulator urges the subframes to remain in their operative positions. The main frame has a stop for each subframe against which the subframe is caused to engage by the accumulator so that the individual subframes can individually automatically trip upon engaging immovable objects. Means are provided for fore and aft adjusting movement of the stop to vary the angle of attack of each ground ripping means.The relative spacing of the ground ripping means rearwardly of the horizontal pivot axis, and the vertical distance of the soil ripping means from a plane containing a horizontal axis, is important.The invention also includes an apparatus comprising a towing vehicle or crawler tractor in towing relation to an attachment as above described.

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