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Solenoid drive apparatus for an external infusion pump

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #4678408.

A solenoid drive apparatus for driving a lead screw of an External Infusion Pump (1) having a housing (302), solenoid winding (356) within the housing (302), a solenoid armature (358) which is driven by the field of the solenoid winding (356), push rod (362) which is driven by the armature (358), pawn (314) which is driven by push rod (362), a first pawl (320) which is driven by pawn (314) and a second pawl (326) which is an antibacklash device, a ratchet wheel (318) having teeth (319) around its periphery and engaged by the first pawl (320) and the second pawl (326) and the drive shaft (316) which is drawn by the ratchet of the ratchet wheel (318).

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