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Bicycle ergometer and eddy current brake therefor

Image Number 14 for United States Patent #4678182.

A bicycle ergometer includes an eddy current brake having a rotor assembly including an iron material having a carbon content of 0.12% or less and a silicon content of 0.35% or less, a stator provided in the rotor assembly, a plurality of exciting coils provided on the stator, and a power source for energizing the exciting coils. The ergometer includes an input panel for inputting physical attributes of the user, e.g., age and sex, a pulse sensor for measuring the heart rate of the user at rest and during exercise on the ergometer, an arithmetic control circuit for calculating a training program and heart rate range and for controlling the eddy current brake to present a load to the user which will maintain the user's heart rate in a predetermined range. The method of using the ergometer enables a user to select a physical strength program and a weight reduction program with the selected program reflecting the age, sex, and the present physical condition of the user.

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