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Flotation bag assembly

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4675686.

An apparatus for the stable support of a structure, such as an antenna, in a fluid medium, such as the ocean. A flotation bag supporting an antenna is stabilized by the following features, which can be used individually or in combination. A partially submerged ribbon fence supported by a submerged damper skirt dissipates the kinetic energy of the flotation bag caused by the movement of the ocean and water that encroaches upon the bag. A flexible connection between the bag and the payload enables the bag and the payload to undergo limited motion without affecting each other. Thus, the bag's motion is decoupled and totally independent of the payload. The housing which supports the payload has a flooded chamber, lowering the center of mass of the apparatus. The bottom of the flotation bag is inwardly arched, moving the bouyancy away from the center of the bottom of the bag, enhancing stability and allowing the bag to float lower in the ocean, keeping the damper skirt submerged. The payload includes an r.f. signal source. The apparatus is designed to constrain the motion of the antenna to within very narrow operational limits.

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