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Transmission operating device

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4669329.

A transmission operating device comprising: a connecting arm of which both ends are connected with ends of two control cables, respectively, and having a first rotational center for rotating the connecting arm in a horizontal plane and a second rotational center for rotating the connecting arm in a vertical plane; a member to be rotated together with the connecting arm, being provided with a splined perforation; a splined shaft being a part of an outer shaft of a transmission, and being inserted into the splined perforation, so that the rotational motion of the connecting arm in the vertical plane is changed into a rotational motion of the outer shaft around an axis of the outer shaft; and a link mechanism being provided between the connecting arm and the outer shaft, so that the rotational motion of the connecting arm in the horizontal plane is changed into a sliding motion of the outer shaft in the direction of an axis of the outer shaft. Therefore, the operation of the transmission can be more promptly and surely performed. Further, the vibration of the mechanism is reduced and the durability thereof is increased.

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