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Individually attachable pockets for articles of clothing such as shirts

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4656673.

The present invention discloses an iron-on pocket for a pocketless shirt or similar article of clothing adapted to receive a pocket wherein a piece of pocket material substantially similar or equivalent to the shirt material and cut in the form of a pocket having a top edge, a bottom edge, a pair of sides a front surface, and a rear surface adapted to be operatively disposed against the surface of the shirt or article of clothing designated to receive the pocket. An attachment device including a first layer adapted to be fixedly secured to the interior surface or folded back edge surface of the pocket material proximate the peripheral edge portions of the bottom and sides of the pocket material and a second thermally-activated or heat responsive adhesive layer is fixedly secured to the first layer and has its rear surface adapted to be disposed against the shirt or clothing material in which the pocket is to be mounted. The second layer is responsive to the application of heat applied thereto by iron-on or heat transfer methods for adhesively securing the piece of pocket material to the article of clothing by the two layer attachment strips. The attachment strips are fixedly secured to the rear surface peripheral edges of the sides and bottom of the pocket or to the folded back edges thereof by stitching or the like. The pocket opening is formed between the clothing material and top edge of the pocket material which is not adhesively secured thereto and the interior of the pocket is defined between the portion of the clothing material covered by the pocket and the rear interior surface of the pocket material intermediate the fastening strips.

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