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Apparatus and method for providing dynamically assigned switch paths

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4656626.

A CAM/RAM/CAM memory array is used to provide dynamic space and time switching between a plurality of sources and destinations. The memory array includes a source CAM portion, a destination CAM portion and a data RAM portion with each row forming a word. In order to establish a path, a source address is stored in the source CAM portion of a word and a destination address is stored in the destination CAM portion of the same word. When data is to be switched, the data source address is presented to the source CAM on a TDM address bus to address a word having the same source address. The data is then written into the RAM of the addressed word from a data bus, if an address comparison is found. The address of the destination is time division multiplexed to the destination CAM via a destination address bus. If the address of the data destination on the address bus matches a stored address, the data RAM associated with the address is enabled and read to the data bus for delivery to the data destination. Means are further provided to dynamically assign and unassign addresses to and from words in the memory array to thereby dynamically establish switch paths.

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