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Automotive vehicle

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4655310.

An automotive vehicle includes an engine mounted on a frame and including a rotatable drive sprocket fixedly mounted on the drive shaft fixedly mounted on the drive shaft. A rear wheel suspension device includes a generally horizontally-disposed swing arm supporting a rear wheel at one end thereof, the swing arm extending along the length of frame. An endless transmission member is extended around and engaged with the drive sprocket and a driven sprocket, secured to the rear wheel, for driving the rear wheel. A bearing device is mounted on the frame and includes a bearing member pivotally supporting the other end of the swing arm for allowing it to be swung vertically about an axis which is disposed rearwardly of the drive shaft in generally parallel relation thereto. The bearing member is spaced from the drive sprocket in the direction of the width of the frame and is disposed in overlapping relation thereto in the direction of the length of the frame in such a manner that the other end of the swing arm and the bearing member will not interfere with the drive sprocket.

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