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Operating element charging and withdrawal in a gas cooled high temperature reactor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4654189.

A medium power, high temperature pebble bed nuclear reactor, which includes a means for introduction and withdrawal of operating elements. The installation is provided in such a way that it can be more economically built and operated. The installation includes several input stations above a prestressed concrete pressure vessel, and charging hatch blocks positioned on top of the prestressed concrete pressure vessel. The blocks include selectors through which the pebble-shaped operating elements, after traversing helical and meandering charging conduits, reach into the reactor core. The selectors and charging conduits are installed within armored ducts which penetrate the prestressed concrete pressure vessel. Similar armored ducts are provided for exit ducts for withdrawal of pebbles from the core, and a first common exit hatch block is connected to the exit ducts. The block is arranged within foundation walls which support the prestressed concrete pressure vessel. A second exit hatch block, which is connected to the first exit hatch block by a shielded exit hatch channel, is provided in a reactor protection building. The withdrawal station is arranged in a reactor auxiliary building and connected to the shielded exit hatch channel.

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