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Process for manufacturing dispenser-container containing wet and dry contents

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #4653250.

A process for manufacturing dispenser-container containing wet and dry contents comprising:wet fibrous materials contained in an inner container made of a gas impervious sheet;the inner container having an opening for dispensing the wet fibrous materials therethrough or a weakened line for forming the opening;the opening or weakened line resealably covered by a flexible flap which is repeatedly attached to or removed from the inner container by means of a pressure sensitive adhesive;both the inner container containing wet fibrous materials and materials in a dry condition contained in an outer container while they are stacking with each other;the outer container having a first opening or a first weakened line for forming the first opening formed in a first surface at a portion coinciding with the opening or the weakened line formed in the inner container; andthe outer container having a second opening for dispensing the dry materials or a second weakened line for forming the second opening in a second surface opposite to the first surface having the first opening or the first weakened line.

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