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Interconnection system for electrical motors

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4649304.

The required electrical connections between the ends of the windings on an electrical motor, the switch terminals for the motor, and the motor protector are made by means of an electrical connector which comprises a housing having a plurality of cavities. Each of the cavities has a double-ended terminal therein to which the winding ends are connected. Each terminal also has a receptacle portion which receives a tab extending from either the motor protector or the switch. The connector, the motor protector, and the switch are clustered adjacent to each other with the protector against or adjacent to the coil windings of the motor. The shape of the connector housing, the protector, and the switch, and the location of the cavities in the connector and the terminals on the switch is such that when the parts are assembled to each other on the motor, all of the required electrical connections will be made correctly.

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