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Height adjusting device for machines or machine elements

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4647228.

A height adjusting device for machines or machine elements comprises three adjustment members positioned atop one another and together determining two sets of opposing surfaces. These surfaces allow a gyroscopic movement of the uppermost adjustment member, and the height of the height adjusting device can be adjusted stepwise, one of the two opposing surfaces in the first set of surfaces comprising one or more aligned supporting projections. These projections can cooperate selectively and tiltably with one or more recesses in a row of recesses in the second surface of the first set of surfaces. The depth of the recesses in said row of recesses varies stepwise. The surfaces of the second set of surfaces are provided with cooperating secondary projections and secondary recesses. The line on which the secondary projections are positioned forms an angle of substantially with the line on which the supporting projections are positioned. The height adjusting device may for instance be used for height adjusting the sliding surface in an axial bearing in a vertical electromotor, where the end surface of the pivot on the shaft of the motor must be able to be arranged at a specific height over an upper contact surface of the electromotor, said height being encumbered with predetermined tolerances. The height adjusting device allows an easy and quick adjustment of the height and is simultaneously easy to mount. Furthermore it has the advantage that it comprises only few parts.

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