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Collapsible lantern

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4646213.

A cylindrical container of liquid fuel has a removable closure through which projects a tubular fitting supporting an adjustable wick. A set of spring metal support members are mounted on the container and have movable leg portions supporting a cylindrical transparent globe for axial movement between a collapsed position surrounding the container and an elevated position when the leg portions spring outwardly to form a stabilized support. A cover plate mounts on the globe and is retained by a cap member which engages the fitting and seals with the closure when the globe is in its collapsed position. A flexible chain connects the cap member to an L-shaped wire arm pivotally supported by one of the support members for movement between a collapsed position on top of the cover plate to an extended position where the chain may be used to suspend the lantern. The cover plate may be removed and replaced by a support ring having openings outboard of the globe to provide for heating a food container or the like.

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