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Baking pan assembly

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4644858.

A dual-purpose baking pan assembly suitable for use in a conventional oven wherein the assembly as well as the food therein are exposed to a high-temperature atmosphere, and in a microwave oven wherein the atmosphere is close to ambient temperature and the assembly and the food are subjected to microwave energy. All components of the assembly are formed of a dielectric material unaffected by microwave energy and capable of withstanding high temperatures. The assembly is constituted by a circular base which fits into an annular groove formed in a cylindrical shell defined by a pair of complementary half-sections whose rear ends are hinged together by a removable pivot pin and whose front ends are joinable by a detachable clamp. Thus, after a food product is baked in the assembly, the shell thereof may be detached from the base to expose the food product without disrupting its structure.

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