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Electromagnetic energy storage and supply system

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4642535.

An electromagnetic energy storage and supply system for supplementing a main power supply to provide D.C. current to a pulsed load by providing that portion of the load current which is above the average load current commanded. The load current is sensed and compared to an average current command to provide a difference signal which is proportional to a desired supplemental current to be provided to the load. An inverter, coupled between the main power supply and a motor, is controlled during the off period of the pulsed load and in response to the difference signal to provide an A.C. signal to the motor which in turn drives an inertia device coupled thereto for storing energy. During the on period of the pulsed load the inertia device decelerates, discharging energy through the motor and inverter to provide the supplemental D.C. current to the load.

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