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Construction panel system

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4635411.

The disclosure relates to a construction panel system for the erection of doll and play houses, mazes, etc., and comprises a series of connected rectangular panels of approximately the same size connected together so that each panel can be rotated with respect to an adjacent panel but at least two of said panels are connected to adjacent panels by double hinges of the Jacobs ladder type so that they can be rotated in two directions with respect to adjacent panels and at least one additional panel is connected to the Jacobs ladder type so that it can be rotated in two directions with respect to said adjacent panel and at least one additional panel as connected to the Jacobs ladder panels by a hinge having its axis at right angles to the Jacobs ladder hinge. The panels are provided with holes adjacent the corners thereof and a fastening and reinforcing means is provided for holding non-connected panels together. The fastening and reinforcing means is made of planar, resilient flexible material and has a long central finger and two side fingers, the long central finger is somewhat wider than the diameter of the holdes in the panels and can be forced through a hole in a panel to attach to the panel with the side fingers limiting and supporting the central finger.

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