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Scrim reinforced, cloth-like composite laminate and a method of making

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4634621.

A method of making a cloth-like composite laminate is provided. The method includes: inserting a scrim coated with a thermoplastic binder between two nonwoven layers, each of the nonwoven layers being formed of cellulosic fibers bound with a latex adhesive and heating the scrim and the two nonwoven layers to a temperature sufficient to activate the thermoplastic binder, the heating being performed without pressing the scrim and the nonwoven layers together so as to form a cloth-like composite laminate having a nonwoven layer of cellulosic fibers continuously bound to opposite sides of the scrim. The surface of each nonwoven layer is planar and uninterrupted by the scrim. The nonwoven layer is initially formed by forming two separate layers of three-dimensional cellulosic fibers, applying to each layer of three-dimensional cellulosic fibers a latex adhesive; and drying the latex adhesive to form two separate nonwoven layers of cellulosic fibers.

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