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Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4630612.

An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus capable of providing a B-mode tomographic image of and Doppler information on a moving member in a living subject. The apparatus comprises a cursor setting device which supplies a signal for displaying a cursor at a prescribed position on a B-mode display, echo tracking circuits which cause markers to track the image signals of a prescribed moving member at optionally selected positions on the cursor, marker setting devices for setting the initial positions of the markers, a synthesizer for synthesizing and sending to the B-mode display a B-mode image signal and marker image signals from the echo tracking circuits, and a position measuring circuit for measuring the position of the prescribed moving member on the cursor on the basis of the marker image signals from the echo tracking circuits. The apparatus can display a moving member, for example a blood vessel, within the subject as a B-mode picture which tracks the position of the moving member as it moves and can further electrically output the position of the moving member. As a result, it is possible to electrically store or process the position of the blood vessel. In particular, the apparatus makes it possible to easily and accurately measure blood vessels in the circulatory system, the amount of blood flowing through such vessels, and the volume of internal organs.

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