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Apparatus for reconditioning drums

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #4628972.

Apparatus for reconditioning drums has a conveyor extending through a series of equally spaced stations. The conveyor has a series of members, each in the form of a forwardly opening V and with the members so spaced that when any one is at a station, other members will be at the other stations. Drums are placed, one at a time, and inverted, on the infeed end of the conveyor with the bung of each in a position to be caught and held centered by one of the members and pulled thereby along the center line of the conveyor. The conveyor is moved by steps with each step advancing a conveyed drum to a station at which the bung is in vertical alignment with a vertically disposed, subjacent spray nozzle. Dwells between the steps are provided of a predetermined duration during which the nozzles are elevated to an extent entering them within a drum and the drums at stations are tilted fowardly. At each station, a reconditioning fluid is discharged through the associated nozzle if a drum is in fact present. A loader and an unloader are provided to load on and unload drums from the conveyor, one at a time.

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