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Cloth draw-off apparatus for a weaving machine

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4628967.

A cloth draw-off roll is operatively connected via a regulation circuit with a main shaft of the weaving machine. The regulation circuit contains a controllable motor which is drivingly connected with the cloth draw-off roll. A regulation circuit arrangement connected forwardly of the controllable motor controls the weft thread density in the drawn-off cloth as a function of at least the rotational angular position of the main shaft of the weaving machine and contains a modulator operatively connected with the controllable motor. The modulator transforms control commands of a programming stage pre-programmable via an input device, into control signals for the controllable motor. A pulse transmitter at the main shaft transmits pulses indicative of the rotational angular position of the main shaft to the programming stage. A control circuit arrangement of the weaving machine transmits information signals or data indicative of the momentary functional state of the weaving machine to the programming stage.

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