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Monoski converter

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4627636.

A monoski converter is used in combination with a standard pair of skis and ski boots and has a longitudinal stem having front and rear ends respectively formed with transversely projecting rear tabs. The tabs and stem form a pair of like parallel seats that extend longitudinally and that are dimensioned to fit over the respective skis with the rear tabs between the respective toe and heel clamps. The ski boots are fitted to the clamps of the respective skis with the respective rear tabs held tightly between the boots and the skis so that the two skis are locked together into a monoski. The converter is substantially symmetrical about a longitudinal central plane extending along the stem and is unitarily molded of a synthetic resin. The tabs have longitudinal outer edges formed with longitudinal and downwardly projecting ribs delimiting the respective seats. Furthermore, the converter is substantially thicker at the stem than at the tabs and the stem projects downward past the tabs and has longitudinal side edges confronting the respective ribs and also delimiting the respective seats.

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