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Electrically heated tool for soldering pipe connector sleeves

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4626658.

An electrically heated tool for heating a pipe connector sleeve in order to melt solder therein or applied thereto to secure the sleeve to a pipe has a pair of arms (1) hingedly connected to one another between their ends by a pin (2) in the manner of pliers. An electric heating unit (3) having an elongated shaft portion (9) enclosing an electric resistance heating element is detachably secured to and projects from one and the same end of each arm. The free end of each shaft portion (9) is detachably slidably inserted into the tubular shank of a metallic head part (4) having a semi-circular recess (4a) of a radius substantially equal to the radius of the pipe or sleeve to be heated. The arms are movable between an open position in which the recesses are spaced apart and a position in which the recesses are closed together around a pipe connector sleeve so as to apply heat thereto.

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