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Automotive roof structure with a detachable set roof

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4626026.

An automotive roof structure includes a detachable set roof detachably mounted on a cut-out or opening formed in a fixed roof of the vehicle body. The set roof is provided with a male guide engageable to a female guide installed on the edge of the cut-out or opening for positioning the set roof within the cut-out or opening. The female guide is adapted to interfere with lateral movement of the male guide when the set roof is in place within the cut-out or opening, and thus prevents the set roof from unexpectedly separating from the cut-out or opening. In addition, the structure includes a double seal structure to ensure a water-tight seal between the set roof and the mating surfaces around the cut-out or opening in order to effectively prevent water, in particular rain water from leaking into the vehicle compartment.

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