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Surgical retractor for dissection of internal mammary artery

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4622955.

A surgical retractor is to be mainly used for dissection of the internal mammary artery. It is fixed to the side of the operating bed by a clamp which can be moved over the rail for the desired place. It's pole will be at either side that internal mammary artery is intended to be dissected, side arm of the pole will be over the patient and holding the crank mechanism, by placing the hooks of the retractor at the edge of the sternum after being split at the middle, and cranking the handle. The crank portion of the retractor, which is adjustable over the side arm of the pole, will pull and elevate the side of the chest and hold it in position for the time that is needed for the dissection of the internal mammary artery. Adjustment can be done with the crank part for better vision. After completion, release of the lever would allow the crank mechanism to be turned in the opposite direction, counter clockwise, the cord to become loose and the hooks to be free. The retractor can be removed by releasing it from the side of the bed by the loosening of the holding clamp. This retractor can be used for any other procedures that require elevation and retraction of part of the chest.A different type of pole (rod-shaped) and a different attachment for the crank mechanism can be used that would be adjusted easier by one screw.

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