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Surgical stapling instrument

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #4619391.

A unique, surgical stapling instrument is attained by incorporating staple guiding and supporting cam means positioned in active, cooperating relationship to the legs of the staple during its formation. In this way, unwanted angular pitching or wobbling of the staple during formation is substantially eliminated. In the preferred embodiment, staple tip positioning means are also provided in cooperative association with the staple being formed to assure controlled movement of the staple into the desired forming orientation, thereby substantially preventing jamming or double staple formation. In addition, the staple forming plate incorporates a unique construction which assures complete staple formation prior to exiting through the cooperating housing portal, while also providing a staple tip entry zone, allowing the tips of the next staple to be formed to be positioned in the desired plane prior to the crown portion thereof. The surgical stapling instrument of the present invention also preferably incorporates two independent handle portions, one of which is slidingly, interlockingly engaged with the housing of the stapling instrument in order to assure a securely interlocked surgical stapling instrument, while also allowing the housing to be formed of transparent material.

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