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Adjustable anchorage

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4611825.

An adjustable anchorage, for example a shoulder anchorage of a vehicle seat belt system, has a first part formed with a slot and a second part received in and movable along the slot. One part may support a seat belt and the other part may be part of, or be attachable to, a motor vehicle. The slot has alternate narrow and wide portions and the second part is shaped to engage in the wide slot portions. Adjustment is achieved either by rotation of the second part to align flats on it with the narrow slot portions, or by movement perpendicular to the slot against a spring bias to bring a narrow portion of the second part into the plane of the slot. Advantageously, the second member has a frusto-conical portion and the walls of the slot are shaped always to urge the second member into a wide portion when released at a position intermediate two wide portions.

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