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Flexible industrial system with quick change part holding means

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #4602499.

The present invention relates to industrial systems, and more particularly to a flexible industrial system with quick change part holding means which can be used to perform many different operations on a wide variety of parts. The embodiment disclosed shows such a flexible industrial system adapted to test many different types of parts using a single piece of test equipment by virtue of having a series of identical pallets for each type of part to be tested which can be quickly on-loaded and offloaded from a means of providing movement between a plurality of stations, such as a rotary index table. By providing that each in a series of part holding means has means to connect the part holding means to the means of providing movement between stations, means to perform desired operations on parts on the part holding means, and means to quickly connect to said means to perform desired operations, a tremendously flexible test system is provided.

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