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System for spatially and temporally transposing data words arrayed in periodically recurring patterns

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #4602283.

A train of incoming data words, specifically digitized video samples arrayed in frames of Y lines of X pixels each which have already undergone a 2-dimensional spatial transformation, is scrambled by being divided into Z sequences (frames) whose data words are temporarily written in respective cells of Z.sup.2 storage units of a memory of dynamic-RAM Type. The Z.sup.2 storage units, each divided into Z sections, are read out in cyclic-succession--at a rate of one cell per unit--and each cell is reloaded immediately after being vacated. Reading and writing occurs for one set of Z sequences in a first addressing mode, conforming to the order of arrival of the data words in the incoming train, and for the next set in a second addressing mode involving the grouping of homologous data words of respective sequences into successive series of Z data words each. The two addressing modes alternate for consecutive sets and the outgoing train so formed can be subjected to a further transformation before being transmitted to a remote station for unscrambling.

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