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Connection between the ends of two undersea optical fiber cables and method of manufacturing said connection

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4595256.

Each cable has an optical fiber core (1, 1') an arch of steel wires (2, 2'), a copper tube (3, 3') swaged onto the cylinder, an insulating sheath (4, 4') a return conductor (14, 14') and another sheath (16, 16') which is a protective sheath. Said connection has, at each cable end, a fixing part (8, 8'), a splaying out wedge (15, 15') and a plug of hardenable resin (11, 11'). The connection also has ports (12) provided in the fixing part (8) and, around the fixing parts, an inner tube (23) provided with ports (21) in which support wires (26) are placed, weld sleeves (28) connecting together the fibers (22, 22') being on said support wires by tapes (27) and slung across said ports, an outer tube (20) covering the inner tube, a sealing mould (31), a conductive metal braid (32) and a heat-shrinkable sleeve (33).

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