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Hydraulic pump unit

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4594056.

A hydraulic pump unit, comprising an electric motor, the stator (5) of wh is disposed in a housing defining an oil reservoir and the rotor of which is mounted on a shaft which drives a hydraulic pump. Each front end of said stator is associated with an end shield for a shaft bearing. A pump element or the pump is secured to at least one end shield. Elongated connecting members which are distributed about said shaft in the circumferential direction support said end shields. The connecting members are designed as rods (17), abut against the outer circumference (7) of said stator (5) and, in the undeformed state, guide said stator in a close sliding fit. At least one tightening strap (19) encompasses said rods (17) and the outer stator circumference (7) for deforming said rods (17) until said stator is fixed in position and for pressing said rods against the stator circumference. A means for preventing rotation can be provided between said stator and said rods or said tightening strap. At least one end shield can form one portion of the hydraulic reservoir and, if desired, can contain channels.

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