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Hone for gerotor stators, and honing method

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #4592173.

An apparatus and method for honing cylindrical bores adjacent to a larger cavity or bore is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a set of expandable abrasive-coated frustro-conical sleeves mounted on rotating shafts, one for each cylindrical bore, which circumferentially surround, and are supported by, a rotating inner supporting member. The sleeves and supporting member are moved through the bore and larger cavity in a direction along their axis of rotation, and in so doing, the sleeves contact the bore walls to impart a honing action. A means for precisely adjusting the final honing diameter of the sleeves is provided, as well as means for adjusting the distance of the sleeves from the center of the larger cavity. By adjusting the sleeves at successively closer positions to a desired final bore, the bore can be honed with great accuracy.

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