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Press loading apparatus

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #4579514.

An apparatus and method for loading a front loading molding press in which a loading board is pivoted at one edge on a horizontal pivot shaft which extends into a lower corner of the press opening adjacent one side of the mold in the press. Loading of the press is performed by loading the board with a predetermined array of articles to be molded while the board is in an upwardly pivoted oblique preloading position to one side of the press opening; thereafter pivoting the loaded board downwardly to a loading position directly in front of the press; thereafter sliding the board on the pivot shaft into the press opening to an unloading position directly overlying the mold; and thereafter discharging the articles downwardly onto the mold. The articles are held, transported, and discharged by loading heads which frictionally receive the articles during the preloading operation, frictionally retain the articles during their movement to the loading position and then to the unloading position, and discharge the articles onto the mold upon arrival of the board in the unloading position over the mold.

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