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Wound drainage device

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #4578060.

A device for removing fluids from a wound includes a housing and a resilient bellows inside the housing. The bellows can be collapsed and retained in a collapsed or activated state. Upon release from its activated state, the bellows is expanded so as to create a negative pressure therein whereupon fluids are automatically drawn into and collected within the bellows. Preferably the bellows is expanded by a variable force ribbon spring so that the resultant or combined restoring force provided by the resilient bellows and the variable force ribbon spring allows for the creation of a substantially constant level of negative pressure within the bellows so as to provide for a substantially constant level of suction of the device throughout the range of evacuation of fluids therein. The housing is preferably transparent with graduations provided thereon permitting the visible inspection and measurement of the fluids collected therein. A method for operating the device is also disclosed.

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