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Word game of magnetizable letters for children

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4575091.

A word game for children comprising the combination of a plurality of magnetizable alphabet letters for throwing on a supporting surface to form a pile thereof, a permanent magnet stiff wand having a handle for pulling a desired one or more of the letters from the pile, each letter having a body cut-out into the shape of one of the letters of the alphabet so that, while disposed in the pile, it can be recognized by the sighting of a part thereof, the body of each letter being magnetizable throughout the confines thereof so that, when any part thereof is touched by the wand, the letter can be pulled from the pile, and a plurality of cards for the players to draw respective control cards therefrom, each control card having intelligence printed thereon which requires each player to spell a word with the letters on the card he pulls from the pile, the wand and the pile of magnetizable letters challenging a player's dexterity in being able to sight a desired letter or letters in the pile and to manipulate the wand and to insert same into the pile to pull therefrom only the letter or letters desired and no other letters.

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