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Wad for cartridges of hunting and shooting arms

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4574701.

An improved wad and shot cup structure for shotgun shells or so-called shot shell cartridges for hunting and shooting use, including a substantially cylindrical body of plastic material forming a shot cup or bowl (7) containing lead shot (11) and a powder seal cup (17) for confining the firing charge, the shot cup and powder seal cup being connected by a cushioning structure (6). The latter includes disc-shaped elements or so-called tiles (9) of diameter such that, if flattened as caused by the thrust of the firing charge, it is substantially greater than the inner diameter of the gun barrel. The tiles are connected and separated by walls (10) by which the force is ultimately transferred from the powder seal cup to the shot cup, the tiles providing sealing against leakage of explosion gases and contributing to the cushioning effect of the cushioning structure, which constitutes a wad.

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