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Airlift bulkhead

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4574404.

A movable, submersible, transversely extending bulkhead for use in a swimming pool. The bulkhead has an elongated hollow body with top, bottom, end and side walls and a pair of spaced air chambers positioned toward each of its ends. Positioned between and substantially equidistant from each of the air chambers is at least one core of buoyant material. The bulkhead also utilizes means for selectively controlling the quantity of air and water within the chambers for regulating the buoyancy of the bulkhead. The bulkhead may be moved along the length of a swimming pool through increasing the buoyancy of the bulkhead by displacing the water contained in the chambers, shifting the bulkhead to a new longitudinally spaced position within the pool, and decreasing the buoyancy of the bulkhead by allowing water to reenter the chambers.

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