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Fluid deflecting assembly

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #4570533.

A fluid deflecting assembly comprising a passage defining structure having a fluid passage defined therein for the passage of a fluid stream in one direction therethrough and having a fluid inlet and a fluid exit spaced apart from the fluid inlet, and at least one group of deflector blades pivotally supported within the passage defining structure adjacent the fluid exit for movement through a predetermined angle and arranged in such a curved row that, when the deflector blades are pivoted in one direction to a deflecting position, the deflecting blades altogether form a generally continuously curved guide wall extending within the passage defining structure so as to diverge away from the direction of flow of the fluid stream through the passage. The guide wall is operable to draw the fluid stream close thereto to deflect the fluid stream as a whole by the Coanda effect known per se as it emerges outwards from the fluid exit.

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